Suzuki SX-4 RC1 – Sporty Car

Suzuki SX4 car picture 2011 Suzuki SX 4 RC1   Sporty Car

Crossover and sporty car from Suzuki latest output is devoted to car racing Rally is the Suzuki SX-4 RC1. Impression of sporty cars on the body kit shown on display handsome, with nine new additions to the front of the rear bumper, body molding, spoiler, diffuser, with a rim diameter of 17 inches. The standard version that existed at the Suzuki SX-4 type manual transmission is priced at USD 217.5 million dollars, but no additions to the car exterior. As for the SX-4 series rc1 type automatic transmission found on the exterior additions valued at USD 228.5 million. Both types of car to within less than USD 15 million dollars, for the SX-4 series RC1, Suzuki will only produce 100 units per month.

Suzuki SX 4 RC1 car picture 2011 Suzuki SX 4 RC1   Sporty Car